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What do Cisco, Marketo, PayPal, Roche, and more than 80,000 other brands have in common? They rely on Smartsheet, the enterprise platform that aligns people and technology so the entire business can move faster, drive innovation, and achieve more.

Recognized as a leader in collaborative work management (CWM), Smartsheet helps organizations around the world increase effectiveness, eliminate silos, create velocity, and scale with confidence.

Smartsheet has a tremendous amount of momentum right now, thanks in part to our new partner program. We recently announced Smartsheet Aligned, our best-in-class partner program designed to enable the creation of new, high-value offerings for customers. I’m excited to see what’s in store as more people learn about Smartsheet and the attractive partnership opportunity we have to offer.

What do you think the future of work will look like?

Despite the introduction and adoption of cloud technologies, organizations using more traditional productivity tools still struggle to support the needs of modern business. As organizations everywhere seek ways to help their teams increase effectiveness and create velocity, they must find a way to ensure that their people and technology are aligned. This means people working with technology — through automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning — to achieve more for their organizations and the world.

Tell me more about the total addressable market in this space.

Our current customer base drives $200 million, and there’s a 10x opportunity for growth in our existing accounts. But if we take a look at the total addressable market, that opportunity is $25 billion, or about 100x our current base usage.

And Smartsheet’s presence in 190 countries — as well as an office in the UK — provides opportunities for continued international growth, and a great opportunity for partners to be a part of that growth.

Can you share your top three favorite Smartsheet features?

Unlike a traditional spreadsheet or task app, I love that I can use Smartsheet to switch between visualizations of the same data to display information as a grid, a kanban board type card view, a Gantt chart, or a calendar. Additionally, you can view information in real time through dashboards and reports.

Picking only one more favorite feature is challenging because I love them all. But as I mentioned earlier, automation is imperative to the future of work, so I think I’d have to go with automated workflows. Automated workflows allow me to automate reminders, automatically request status updates from team members, automatically move a row from one sheet to another, apply conditional formatting, and more.

In your eyes, what makes Smartsheet stand out as a leader in CWM?

There is a plethora of SaaS solutions out there that help people manage projects and tasks, but Smartsheet is more than simply a productivity or task app. It’s a flexible work execution platform that business professionals can easily use — and that is secure and extensible enough to meet or exceed the requirements of IT leaders. The extensibility of the platform is something really remarkable about Smartsheet: there are over 2,000 distinct documented use cases from across all departments. From transforming the future of farming to eradicating tropical disease, I am blown away at how many ways Smartsheet customers are using our platform to achieve more.

I’ve also never worked with an organization with such a fast pace of innovation. Features are continually being added, extended, or improved — over 90% of our product roadmap originates from customer feedback. Additionally, we’ve made some acquisitions in the past year (10,000ft for resource management and Slope for deeper collaboration capabilities) to help make Smartsheet an even more powerful tool for customers.

What are some of the benefits of partnering with Smartsheet?

In addition to working with a market-leading brand, Smartsheet partners benefit from working with a dedicated channel account team that helps partners find opportunities, close deals, and keep customers happy. Our program also enables partners to earn upfront discounts with deal protection on new opportunities and renewals.

We’re also investing heavily in our Smartsheet Aligned partner portal to provide our partners with marketing and sales materials, technical training, and other resources they need to succeed.

I’m interested in learning more about partnering with Smartsheet. How do I get started?

Apply for our Smartsheet Aligned partner program, and one of our channel account managers will get in touch.

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C Hayley Halstead is the Channel Marketing Manager at Smartsheet and is responsible for accelerating the growth of Smartsheet’s indirect reseller network by owning specific elements of channel and solutions GTM strategy. Prior to Smartsheet, Hayley worked as a Marketing Program Manager with several Microsoft groups, including Microsoft Consulting Services, Software Asset Management, and Cloud and Enterprise.

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