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There’s a high chance in the last year you’ve been asked to “DocuSign” a contract or agreement rather than “wet” sign it using pen and paper. It’s even possible you’ve been able to do that on your phone or tablet. We are proud to announce this week we have signed a new distribution agreement with DocuSign, the leader in electronic signature technology. So we took the opportunity to catch up with Ronan Copeland, Group Vice President of Commercial Sales EMEA & Ireland GM at DocuSign, to find out more about this exciting pioneer of the eSignature.

Tell us a bit about DocuSign
While we are well known for being the leader in electronic signature technology, DocuSign is now an agreement cloud company. We launched the DocuSign Agreement Cloud earlier this year. It’s a suite of products and integrations for digitally transforming how organisations prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements.

We believe the agreement cloud category is inevitable. Agreements are at the core of every business. And it complements other massive categories like CRM, HCM, and ERP, which all connect to the agreement process. It doesn’t make sense to digitise your business and leave agreements out of the process.

By automating and connecting the entire agreement process, the DocuSign Agreement Cloud allows business to be done faster with less risk, lower costs, and better experiences for customers, partners and employees. Ultimately, we want to ensure companies are easier to do business with, easier to do business for, and easier on the environment.

Talking e-signatures, what is driving adoption?
Speed, convenience, efficiency and even environmental concerns are accelerating the adoption of e-signatures in a digital world where traditional, more manual ways of sending and signing agreements are proving too slow. Paper-based agreement processes are manual, slow, expensive, and error-prone. There’s also a large amount of risk involved wherever you include a manual hand-off in your system of agreement, from inaccuracy, delay and lack of visibility for example.

In this Forrester report delivering the Total Economic Impact of DocuSign eSignature in the UK, it states that businesses stand to cut handling time by 60%, and save an average of 158,300 GBP over three years by switching to eSignature.

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud builds on DocuSign’s history as the leading e-signature company. This broadening of capabilities comes less than a year after our initial public offering, and at the end of our first fiscal year in the public markets, having grown revenue 35% to $701 million in fiscal 2019.

What trends are you predicting in the future?
We are always seeking new ways to improve our services. Much of our experimentation over the last few years incorporates blockchain technology. As Forbes recently reported, testing has included partnerships on both Bitcoin and Ethereum. We are working towards making contracts on the DocuSign Agreement Cloud “self-executing” and “self-aware” in an ongoing fashion, rather than just one moment in time.

There’s no doubt that Blockchain technology is continuing to drive forward potential for our product lines, transforming business and delivering client value. Read article here.

We’ve used the DocuSign PartnerOn platform within QBS Distribution. Could you explain this for our customers and how they can utilise the great content?
PartnerOn is a complimentary marketing program to support your business and grow your revenue. PartnerOn gives you access to a wide range of compelling content to share with your customers and prospects easily in just a few clicks. Simply register for the program, subscribe to the webinars and explore our resource area for advice on how to share the content via email, on your website or on social media.

Your annual conference, Momentum is taking place again in October. What can partners and their customers expect from the event?
We’re excited about our Momentum event in London this year. Our CEO Dan Springer and other DocuSign experts will be revealing our latest developments. There’ll also be 12 breakout sessions, hands on labs, product demonstrations and tuning sessions. It’s also a fantastic networking opportunity. Register for it here.

Finally, for our readers. Three reasons why they should get in touch with QBS Distribution to learn more about DocuSign?

1) Integration: The DocuSign Agreement Cloud is an API first platform, with more than 350 integrations making it easy for companies to digitise their agreements from within their current working environments which might include Dynamics, CRM, Sharepoint, etc.
2) Speed: DocuSign customers see 84 percent of documents signed and returned within one day of sending. Organisations who require vendor, partner, and customer contracts can dramatically reduce the overall time getting your deals closed with DocuSign.
3) Ease-of-use: This goes back to our core objectives of helping companies to be easier to business with and easier to do business for. DocuSign is intuitive for your employees and your customers. The electronic signature app provides a simple way to electronically sign and return documents from almost anywhere in the world, using practically any device. Our mobile app empowers professionals to get work done faster, without being tied to the office.

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Ronan Copeland, Group Vice President Commercial Sales EMEA & Ireland GM at DocuSign. I am a seasoned executive in the Cloud Computing industry having worked with since 2000. I build highly effective sales teams that can execute against the tremendous opportunity in the Cloud space in EMEA.I’ve built multi-lingual, hybrid sales teams to address this opportunity in Dublin, Munich and Paris.

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