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In your daily life you are constantly putting out fires, running from one incident to another. Playing catch up with the endless queue that somehow gets longer the more you try to clear it. Your users are seeing a huge delay in SLAs and a baffling lack of service. We both know, you aren’t to blame for this. You are an IT Wizard. You can differentiate an and gate from a nor gate, you can build a server without thinking. Fireman aren’t expected to put out fires without their tools, why should you?
In this article lets dive deeper into the benefits of having a fully stocked toolkit to help make your Help Desk run the way it should.

Inbox 0

We have never met, but that doesn’t stop me from knowing the state of your inbox. You have roughly 40+ emails of users complaining about different issues. Sam from Sales cannot access her email, Tom is locked out of his computer and Jane wants a new monitor. Why are these problems clogging your inbox. You will never see that one important email from Management, or be able to track the request for a new monitor as it is nothing to do with you.

A help Desk Management solution will eliminate this inbox pile up! Users will report their issues via a Self Service portal, all their problems will be categorised, sent to the right people and ordered in terms of priority. No longer will you be chased for updates. Everything will be transparent. Now I know this is already sounding good, but let’s keep going.


One thing we all hate is DRY. Don’t repeat yourself! How many times have you had the same issue pop up again and again? As Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and again expecting things to change. Now we both know you’re not insane.

A Help desk solution will automatically track repetitive issues allowing you to fix the root cause of a problem. For example the solution will notify you that users are having a lot of issues with the printer. Instead of you going down and having to fix that every day, you can just buy a new one and no longer worry about those daily trips. How neat is that? It is the last time Sam is going to call you because he somehow always causes a paper jam.


As discussed you are an IT Wizard, but even wizard folk sometimes have to get approval or follow a chain of command to put things into place. Jane still wants a new monitor, you cannot just go out and buy one for her. She has left the problem with you to deal with, now instead of preparing for a more important projects you are wasting your time chasing her managers for approval. This is just outrageous.

A help desk solution gets rid of this! As soon as a change is logged by the end user. The appropriate people are contacted for approval. You only get notified once everything has been approved. Now you are fully free from those time wasting chasers. You only get involved when you are needed. A help desk solution frees up your time to focus on the things that matter and have the highest priority.

I could keep going on about other ways a help desk solution is going to change your life. CMDB, Asset Management, project Management etc. We know as soon as you are done reading this email you will have to help Sam unlock her PC and help Jane get a new Monitor. Alongside another 50+ issues. Don’t worry, it is not all bad. As we have seen your life can be a lot easier with a help desk Management solution.

Where do I start? I want this now!

I hear you loud and clear. Get in touch with us at QBSD, We have a dedicated team who can help you get your IT back on track.

Author: Shubham Goel

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