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Like all healthy relationships, there has to be an equal amount of effort from both ends. Otherwise you end up in a situation where you are not happy but stuck in a never ending spiral of hate, where every day is a drag. As over the top as that may sound, I am sure anyone who has the joy of having a relationship with endpoints will be able to relate to the above statement.

Are you left overworked with the same routine?

Let us start by breaking down the reasons your current relationship is falling apart:
You cannot spend time with everyone at one time. The truth of the matter simply put, is that not everyone gets along. You keep on changing your schedule to try and keep everyone happy. You are wasting your time trying to accommodate for everyone, while you are left overworked. IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, MAC and Linux. That is a lot of groups to keep running at once.

You are always having to meet new people. Go through the same routine every single time. Introductions out of the way, they need your full focus. You do not have the time to get another PC or phone up and running with the all the configurations, Operating systems, permissions and user accounts. That is a lot of repetitive work that is straining your relationship.
With your ever increasing circle, people always want your attention. You are in high demand, the life of the party. You cannot be in two places at once. You do not have the time to run over for every little issue or problem someone has. Someone cannot print, someone cannot connect to the internet. Why are these minor issues clogging up your time. It is a total nightmare.

You know way too many people. It is not a bad thing, as we established you are a big deal. You just cannot keep track of everything. You do not know where laptop 121 is, you have no idea when PC 12 was purchased. Was it Susan or Jane who took out phone 1222. Exactly, painful.We all know I could go on and on, however you will probably get a call any minute from Jane in accounting who has locked her PC for 4th day in a row.

The answer is simple, Endpoint Management.

I am not just the bearer of bad news, I do come with a solution to your troubles. It will not end your relationship but make it one that you enjoy and want more of. The answer is simple, Endpoint Management. A good endpoint management system will be the match that kick starts the fire in your relationship. You will be able to manage all your devices no matter what they run on at one time. Manual PC and device configurations will be a thing of the past. Further, you will know how many devices you have and all the information you will ever need regarding them. Forget heading down to help Jane from accounting, connect to her PC and get her and up and running in a matter of seconds. We are just scratching the surface of what is possible with endpoint management.

Let us help you fix your relationship.

Author: Shubham Goel

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