Swiss Cyber Gate AG secured an exhibition pod at the QBS Cyber Village

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We are delighted to announce that Swiss Cyber Gate AG from Zurich will be one of the twelve publishers to represent their products at the Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, 12-13 March, 2019 in ExCeL London.

Swiss Cyber ​​Gate AG specializes in the secure and traceable transmission of electronic files. Their solutions are aimed at business customers with a focus on security, Swiss infrastructure and European law. They distinguish themselves through the use of the latest technologies such as Blockchain.
Swiss Cyber Gate AG believes in simplicity and innovation.

Swiss Quality Data Transfer

Here is a quick interview with Mr. Thomas Ellenberger – Managing Partner – before you meet him at the the QBS Cyber Village – S4411;

Why is Swiss Cyber Gate good?

• Swiss Cyber Gate AG serves a client base which includes high profile organizations from different industries – many with a true global footprint – a prominent example is the international football organization FIFA ; others stem from financial services/ private equity; industry/automotive or many other industries.
• All these clients have sensitive data to exchange /transfer / distribute – the tools from Swiss Cyber Gate are simple and light and offer security without compromise and traceability/auditability
• Swiss Cyber Gate stands for Swiss quality – our tools are used in the context of critical processes and are known for its reliability

2) The reason to promote Swiss Cyber Gate?

• Transfer tools from Swiss Cyber Gate offer a range of functionalities – from ad-hoc transfer and automated transfers to automated processing of email attachments. Important characteristics are the integration into the infrastructure and the specific environment of our customers via APIs and the flexible permission management (on different levels)
• For many of our clients, our flexibility is an important reason for working with us . They use our tools not only for simple file transfers but, e.g., to organise collaboration and document exchange with external service providers / outsourcing. As a young company, we are willing to meet special wishes of our customers
• Last but not least, we are fully dedicated to data transfer – all our efforts go into this topic

3) What are your views for the future?

• Swiss Cyber Gate is expanding the client base – UK is a focus market – we would love to serve sophisticated clients in the UK
• Offering newest technology and constant innovation is key for us. We want to make our contribution to the digital transformation – a specific project is concerned with the provability of transfers to replace still widely used registered letters

Don’t get attacked. Get smart. Don’t get breached. Get to Cloud & Cyber Security Expo and come to see us on S4411.

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