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Changing conditions in today’s fast-paced business environment require decision makers in any organization to be well informed and respond quickly to emerging opportunities in order to stay ahead of the competition. This means businesses across all industries must provide ready to-consume information, as operational and other reports, to people internally and externally – including partners and customers.

The answer lies with SAP Crystal Reports, the de facto standard in reporting. This software continues a two-decade tradition of excellence in providing powerful, user-friendly, and dynamic reporting functionality.

We are happy to make you aware regarding all latest offerings and promotions available to all existing customers of SAP Crystal Solutions.


  • All existing users of Crystal Reports are now eligible for an upgrade to latest version 2016 at price 37% lower than standard price for full new copy of Crystal Reports 2016

Crystal Reports 2016

New Features

  • Broader connectivity to diverse data sources to provide real-time operational reports that empower employees to make day-to-day business decisions
  • Flexible, customisable report design to give customers and partners the information they need in the reporting format of their choice
  • Conditional formatting of lines and boxes – no more having multiple sections, each with a different line, with each section conditionally hidden to show a different line.
  • Show Parameter Value Descriptions – even supports range parameters. No need for those SQL Functions doing a lookup on the database just to get a description that the user’s already seen.
  • Vertical Alignment of text – force text to appear at the bottom of a box. So much easier to create text headers.
  • Data mashups development options Direct to Data Enhancements Windows 10 Support New data sources

Crystal Reports – Solution Availibity

  • Existing and new users of Crystal Reports can still purchase solution in the following previous versions:
  • XIR2
  • 2008
  • 2011
  • 2013

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