UK and Europe partners technical training 2019

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Is happening in three weeks…

ManageEngine has released the dates for the most important – technical training for 2019. We are excited to invite you to the UK and Europe partners technical training 2019 at Park Plaza Victoria, London United Kingdom from February 18th 2019 to February 22nd 2019.

The event will cover all ManageEngine’s products in detail and some of their very senior technical engineers will be coming over for the training sessions. Each day will be focused on different products. The sessions will be in-depth in nature and will be as interactive as possible, thus it needs a very healthy participation from respective engineers.

Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.

As ManageEngine’s sales are expected to increase dramatically within the year, they aim to educate your company’s engineers thoroughly. At the end of the day we need all the engineers to have an excellent technical competency/skills in all ManageEngine’s products, only a strong technical team ensures strong growth to your business. There are no restrictions in the number of engineers that you want to send over, as they will cover all the products it may be difficult for one engineer from your end to grasp all the knowledge so please do send as many as possible.

Get Certified

This partner training event is a great opportunity for your engineers to get certified; ManageEngine will conduct the professional level certifications for all products for only the engineers attending the training sessions.

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