Parallel XE: Code that performs and outperforms

 In General

Computing is evolving faster than ever while businesses transform how they process the data consuming ever more flops. Today’s developers face many challenges. Applications must solve more complex problems such as:

  • speed machine learning
  • Optimize algorithms
  • Run ever larger simulations

and a thousand other tasks that turn data into results & competitive insights. As a developer you want it faster, scalable and you need to do it more complex development work in the same amount of time.

Modern processes perform better with Parallel code that’s both vectorised and threaded. Parallel Code can run hundred times faster than a serial code.

How can you accomplish this more easily thru parallel programming?

Enter Parallel Studio XE, a sweet of tools that simplifies and speeds the design, building, tuning and scaling of applications with the latest code organisations methods. Do you want to more about Parallel?

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