Your Customers have the Choice: PDF and more – or even more?

 In General

Daily work with PDF documents and scans

The all-in-one PDF solution ABBYY FineReader is now available as volume license for both Standard and Corporate editions. That means the customer has the choice between advanced Corporate level functionality and Standard level day-to-day features at an even more competitive pricing.
FineReader Standard combines all the essential PDF tools with exceptional OCR. The Corporate version goes a step further and offers additional document comparison and automated conversion options.

Editions and Key Features

FineReader 14 (Windows) Standard Corporate
Edit and Comment PDFs X X
Convert PDFs and Scans (OCR) x x
Compare Documents   X
Automate Conversion (Hot Folder)   5,000 ppm, 2 cores

Server-based conversion automation

For those who need even more conversion power the new FineReader Server has just been introduced. FineReader Server is a server-based OCR solution for the automated conversion of large volumes of documents into various export formats. FineReader Server comes with integrated indexing function, Microsoft® SharePoint® integration and barcode recognition.

The right solution for your customer’s needs

  FineReader Desktop FineReader Server
Solution type Personal document productivity tool for efficient work with PDFs and scanned paper documents Powerful server-based OCR service for document capture and file conversion.  
Core functions and usage scenarios   Open, edit, comment, protect, create PDFs

Compare documents to identify differences / changes

Manually convert documents to searchable and editable formats

Automate / schedule individual document conversion tasks  
Central OCR and file conversion service for employees

Storage optimization and compliance

Replacing costly physical archives

Fully searchable SharePoint® libraries

Creation of digital libraries and reading heritage digitisation    

A customer may also want personal document productivity on every employee’s desk and powerful server-based enterprise OCR. To fulfil these advanced expectations FineReader and FineReader Server can be combined to fulfil different tasks.  

ABBYY have the perfect document solution for all your customer’s needs!

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