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A few months ago we discussed the donuts PRTG released with 18.2.41, next week we will go through the new features of the 18.4.46.

In the meantime, those who have downloaded the software before know that downloading the trial version involved manually entering a license key during installation. The new release has made things a lot easier, you can now use the PRTG trial to:

• Test PRTG free of charge if you’re a first-time user
• Install PRTG in a new environment and then deploy a commercial license
• Run PRTG completely and permanently free of charge with a maximum of 100 sensors

Not a PRTG user yet? Download the trial version today!

Get unlimited number of sensors for one month and evaluate PRTG under your business conditions. There is no need to worry afterwards, you can either purchase a license and carry on supporting your network or you can still use up to 100 sensors free of charge.

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