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The new era begins…

ShareGate was launched a few years ago as a standalone migration tool. Their passion for entering a fast-paced environment with extremely high competition helped them come up with a product that became one of the world’s most widely used Office 365 migration and management tools.
ShareGate supported various global organisations to gather all data “under the same cloud” with ease.
That’s where the dream started.
ShareGate did not rely on their current success story. Earlier this week, they came up with a brand new presence in the market, thus restructuring their idea of who they want to become. ShareGate will continue to put enormous amount of effort in their migration tool, while bringing to market two complementary products sharing the common vision of uncomplicating the cloud well:
• ShareGate: Overcast which is now available
• ShareGate: Apricot coming soon

ShareGate: Overcast helps you take control of your Azure costs on a daily basis

This new product enables you to view Azure’s consumption from a different perspective. From now on this software will let you understand what generates expenses to your business and where you need to pay attention. You can now create customised views and monitor who owns each resource, how much each one is being used and what the overall cost is.

Cost-saving recommendations

Overcast’s features will monitor your resources and provide several options for you to stop overspending on resources you were not aware off. Aside from this, going forward Overcast will give you a glimpse of your future overall cloud costs based on previous actions, so you now know were you are heading to without spending your budget unnecessarily.

ShareGate: To get control of your Azure costs, get started with Overcast.  

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