Visual Studio vs Rider = 0-6. Have you switched over yet?

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If you are a developer with a few years of experience under your belt, you might remember that Visual Studio was essentially THE tool that would be used for enterprise-level .NET development purposes. It was not the only one, but there was nothing similar in the industry to compare it with.
With 21st century technology improving at a fast pace, you must have witnessed more software standing up against Visual Studio. However, we believe that JetBrains by far stands out from the marketplace with its Rider version.

What is Rider?

Rider helps you develop .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin or Unity applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

It provides rich editing support and code insight for languages used in .NET development, from C#, VB.NET and F# to ASP.NET Razor syntax, JavaScript, TypeScript, XAML, XML, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JSON, and SQL.

New cross-platform Rider

Visual Studio vs Rider: Why should I bother switching over?

Developers who have been working with Visual Studio for years always ask the same questions: “Why should I switch to Rider, why is it better, what are its advantages over my existing software?”
Here are just six of the most important reasons why Rider stands out against Visual Studio.

Are you with us yet? Here goes…

1) First of all, Rider isn’t jammed into a 32-bit process, as Visual Studio is, so it literally runs better, our users have noticed and continue to highlight Rider’s reliable performance in comparison with VS. This means that even if Rider has a process enabled on the back-end, for example, something like SWEA (Solution-Wide Analysis), typing would still be smooth, without any glitches or pauses.

2) Rider is cross-platform, it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux with the same functionality and identical behavior on all platforms. Visual Studio also has additional solutions for Mac and Linux: Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio Code, but a) it is not one tool, b) not all of these platforms have the same feature sets. It’s quite important for our users that Rider looks and behaves the same across all platforms, so, if they decide to switch from Windows to Mac, their experience will be the same.

.NET core applications

Rider multiple forms

3) Rider includes most of the ReSharper features, a popular Visual Studio extension for .NET developers. A rich set of automated refactorings, code inspections, and context actions for all the supported languages and technologies is one of the strengths of Rider. Visual Studio has a set of refactorings and code fixes out of the box, but it’s way more limited than the set provided by ReSharper and Rider.

Inteligent code editor

Rider features

4) It is also necessary to mention the impact of the IntelliJ IDEA platform on Rider. The familiar user experience for users of WebStorm, DataGrip, and our other IDEs is a clear advantage here: it’s easier for Java developers to migrate to C# if they are able to use an IDE they are familiar with.

5) In comparison to Visual Studio, Rider has a bunch of powerful features from the IntelliJ platform:
a. Comprehensive support for version control systems: besides Git and Mercurial, Rider works with CVS, and Subversion out of the box. VSTS integration is available via a plugin maintained by Microsoft.

Rider Version control

Rider Mercurial

b. Support and easy connection to popular Databases and SQL (Thanks to DataGrip), in comparison to Visual Studio where you need to use ODBC in many cases.

Databases and SQL

Rider-SQL and databases

c. Excellent support for front-end development, with JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, LESS, Sass, etc., because Rider includes features from WebStorm, a dedicated front-end web development product by JetBrains.
d. Rider also has integrations with many issue trackers such as Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services as does VS. Rider also supports JIRA, YouTrack, and many others.
e. Finally, Rider has many high-quality plugins, developed for the IntelliJ infrastructure or ReSharper, Visual Studio has some too, but most of them aren’t free.


Rider for IntelliJ platform and ReSharper.

6) The solutions and projects that Rider works with are fully compatible with Visual Studio’s, that is, it doesn’t use any proprietary formats.

Still in doubt, reach out!

If you require any other information about Rider or any other JetBrains product, please let us know. We’re here to help you.

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