TeamViewer: The new augmented reality solution is here!

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TeamViewer’s mission is to provide secure and reliable remote access and support, monitoring and collaboration solutions. Its latest version, TeamViewer 14, was released earlier this month and has already hit the ground running.

TeamViewer 14: Setting New Standards in Remote Access








In the previous versions, you may have experienced occasional issues with low bandwidth. The newly released version is able to function outstandingly even when the network is serving poorly, so you can connect with excellent connection speed, wherever you are in the world.

Whether intended for individuals or businesses, TeamViewer’s goal is to improve productivity and enhance the user experience.

TeamViewer 14 offers their pilot version free for 3 months.

Numerous case studies have demonstrated that companies have greatly reduced their costs when leveraging augmented reality to request instant support remotely. It is always advisable to customise your information according to your preferences, and with TeamViewer 14’s enhanced user-friendly look and feel, you now have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Spend Many Hours Behind the Screen? Dark Mode Comes to The Rescue.

TeamViewer 14 is not only about features that improve the software itself, but also focuses on incremental usability. The remote access software can now function under a dark filter that allows the user to adjust their lighting preferences according to the environment. The dark mode reduces eye strain and enjoys better focus. For those who use TeamViewer on a daily basis, OLED displays see a significant increase in battery life once the Dark Mode in on.











TeamViewer’s Remote Management

IT Admins









Speed matters. IT teams want to make sure they can connect and work remotely and efficiently. With the new version, you can add up to 25 customised fields for your device or group information for better visibility and organisation.
• Perform repetitive processes with one click.

IT Support









Augmented reality is the key to success. An IT support employee can now focus on the customer and fix issues on-site – regardless of the distance.
• Servicecamp service desk is now integrated with the Quickreport module. With online streaming, IT can assist the customer with the required action.
• Easily share your screen and step into audio conferences










TeamViewer 14 introduces new security standards
• One click will allow or deny access to trusted devices in an emergency
• GDPR Compliant

Still not convinced…?

Since TeamViewer 14 was released earlier this month, we have witnessed a significant increase in customer requests. Let’s be honest; when was the last time your IT remotely connected to your computer? A day, a week, a month ago? We bet it was less than a month ago, right? If you already use TeamViewer, now is the time to go the extra mile. In case you have not used it before, TeamViewer’s new version will support everyone, everywhere, anywhere. Preview TeamViewer 14 here.

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