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Written by Daniel Winter from QBS Software.

Axure Designing websites can be difficult, especially if you are not a web designer. You can have the most amazing ideas, with all the understanding on how best to market your design, but getting your ideas across to a developer can often be tricky.

It can result in a lot of exchanges of ideas and designs, coming from the developer envisioning your ideas, put across to him verbally, differently to how you had envisioned them – costing both time and money, along with the effort and frustration that may arise from this.

Thankfully, these issues seemed to have been eradicated thanks to wireframing/Prototyping software’s, and one in particular that I find very easy to use, and extremely competent at getting my ideas across is Axure RP.

I was able to jump straight into the software with absolutely no training on it, not that there isn’t plenty of materials such as tutorials and best practice guides scattered all across the web. I obviously wasn’t able to fully utilise the software at first but with practice, and researching the readily available best practice guides and tutorials, I was quickly able to master the software. With the simple to use and understand GUI, it really couldn’t have been easier to follow and understand the guides out there.

Never before had I learned a software so quickly, and what’s more, it did exactly what I was looking for from a UX tool/Prototyping tool. It gave me all the functionality I needed to get my ideas across both quickly and concisely, leaving very little to be desired from the software. I would be removed

If you need to get across your ideas quickly, and don’t want to waste time and money getting your ideas into production, I cannot recommend this product highly enough. If you are itching to give the product a try why not download the free 30 day trial.

If you have any questions or would like to add anything about Axure RP please feel free to leave a comment below.

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