Data Backup Technologies

Data backup is a critical field of information technology in that it insures the safety and recoverability of critical information in the event of failure or error. Sources suggest that as many as 65% of internet users have suffered from serious data loss. Data backup relies on two disparate yet co-dependent technologies, namely backup storage and backup software. Backup Storage Backup storage technologies have proliferated and grown substantially since their humble be... [More]

File Transfer Technologies

  Transferring files between multiple locations, quickly, securely and easily is one of the key aspects of modern information technology. Historically file transfers have been addressed in a number of ways and using a variety of different technologies; primarily FTP- and HTTP-based downloads and to some degree E-mail. However in our current era of ever-increasing file sizes, and intense focus on security and ease of use, a lot of these technologies are no longer coping with all of the de... [More]