15 software blogs worth visiting

  Passionate about software is a very new blog. We don’t claim to be first in the blogosphere. There are so many blogs out there that it’s easy to become a victim of a widely spreading disease called communication overload. So why should you care? Well, blog posts are an invitation for discussion. They let you learn from the author and this will help you in your day to day experiences. Below I have compiled a list of blogs belonging to the publishers with which we have close ... [More]

Visual Studio 2010 - A worthy upgrade?

So is Visual Studio 2010 a worthy upgrade? Or is it just another programmer’s IDE which promises to change the way you code and then leaves you wondering what the fuss was all about?  I’ve found it difficult to decide even after having migrating more or less every website and application which I’ve had to work with.  The aim of this article is to explore the reasons for using Visual Studio 2010 rather than the previous version or even notepad, something which can be tempting to do at times... [More]

Is software a good gift for your friends or family?

  We recently had a heated discussion in the office - can software constitute a good gift? So many our relatives spends hours in front of computer screens everyday enjoying their hobbies, catching up with friends via social media and enjoying a bloody adventure in virtual reality via the latest First Person Shooter game. Can they possibly enjoy software as a gift? Why not? I am sure that everyone can find someone for whom software will make their free time more enjoyable Let me ... [More]

Save time and money on training

Everyone requires training at some time in their career, no matter what the career. The need to train staff, new recruits or re-train existing members is an on-going process for most successful organisations. Training costs money and time. Repeated training costs more money and more time. People will learn at their own pace and some folk may even require repeated intensive retraining until they become efficient. We all know poorly trained staff will underperform and so your organisat... [More]